Kuwait Question...

Connection with Hungarian or other foreign firefighters. Kommunikation mit ungarischen oder anderen ausländischen Feuerwehrmänner.
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Hi jas,

Are you a firefighter?

My mother's second housband is canadien, he lives in Gelf... (I think..)

I am a fireman in Budapest IV. district....

Do you want a pictures from The Big Wind? I send to you

The Big Wind isn't a new machines, it is 20-25 years old http://www.aeromagazin.hu/alap.php3?id= ... sztori.htm

All the best to you
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Hozzászólás Szerző: jmv.on.ca » 2003. jan. 30. 16:48

Thanks for that link Lánglovagok!

One more thing;

I learned the maximum number of fires put out in a single day was 13.

It was BY the 12th of August that 298 of the 640 oil fires were put out.

But the more fires that were put out, the harder the remaining fires would burn...that's tough work!

I hope and pray this will not have to happen again...

All the best to you,

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Hozzászólás Szerző: Lánglovagok » 2003. jan. 30. 16:37

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Kuwait Question...

Hozzászólás Szerző: jmv.on.ca » 2003. jan. 29. 23:47

Hello all;

I just saw the IMAX film "Fires of Kuwait" from the 1990s again (http://www.aerospaced.org/imax/current/fires/facts.html); I was wondering if there was any info online about the prototype tank discussed in the film...

"The Hungarian team recycled a Russian T34 tank to create a spectacular prototype called "Big Wind." They removed the gun turret and replaced it with jet engines from MIG-21 fighter planes. They injected water into the jet stream to blow the fires out."

What an incredible machine! Too bad I can find no other info on the web...

But hats off to the Romanian & Hungarians!


August 19, 1991 "298 of the 640 oild fires were put out on the 12th of August. Romanian and Hungarian oil fire fighting crews arrived on August 6."

Sorry I can't speak Hungarian! I don't know for sure where I should have posted this...


ON, Canada
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